Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Guest Blogger: Misty Wright

Why reading romance novels makes women smarter?

It might have something to do with women need some enjoyment with their living. The addiction of reading romance novels makes them more enjoyable in living and leads them to a very sharp and intuitive mind. Not only men reading in these books connect to their life and become happy but also in women who become more addict reading romance novel, they become emotional reading books and it leads them to become smarter than men when it comes to relationship.
Romance novel is somewhat happening in our real world. This novel has a realistic world not just they are imagination in the book but it has so many meaning to determine. There are so many couple today become cold with their partner but because we now understand the meaning of love, and women become smarter, we consider them the strong foundation of a relationship. They are just only women in the world but they are the combination of man’s living.
Many women because of reading novels, they become the adviser of many organization, families, communities, couple and teenagers. Only women understand the way novel works in their life. They can escape problems and conquer all. Most of us go through our daily lives on winding road. We're fall from every road with so many obstacles that we become hopeless but women overcome all of it. Reading romance is the best appetite for every woman who gives them a new world of hope and excitement. It is just like a challenge for them.
Romance novels take every woman in a imaginary world which motivate them to stand firm. We must understand how women love reading novels because it might be the newest women in the world who needs to be strong, and it is not just like before. Women’s emotions is something we don’t understand what it is but sometimes it enlighten us how they handle this. Teenagers are mostly the fanatic of romance novels and they are so exciting in the inside world of the book.
They have the higher enjoyment and happiness. I find that romance novels works in the emotional aspects, that when you are stressed or tired, reading novels help for thinking about what makes for good relationships. It's one of the best books that emphasizes of being a woman, and to think in a positive manner. Romance novel remind you a similar character that you will change and that’s the meaning that you'll find happiness.
The absolute meaning of every romance is so different in the real world; it is you who wants to find the exact happiness you have. When I started listening comments of every woman I encounter, being smart people is a reader. They believe that being smart women is not what you fell but what you experience and learn in the past days. Smart girls don't read romance novels by just only having fun but for learning. Romance novels present the women’s excitement into the next level. It builds a strong relationship and makes women ready to mingle.
Authors use every line in a unique and sexually exciting part to build every woman’s mind to take any directions and learning. In the same situation, smart girls not only read romance novels, they also write romance novels. Many women did this to express feelings. We lead the woman in what they want according to what might be helpful for them.

Misty Wright, the author of this article, is a contemporary suspense romance author and the founder of iVisionaryMedia.com. Misty has a special surprise for you on January 3 & 4…



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