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  1. Pick at least 3 different dates that work for you
  2. Provide cover art of your novel(s)
  3. Provide Purchase/Buy information and links. 
  4. Make sure to email interview questions, cover art and purchase info/links fifteen days before interview date. If all the above is not received, your interview will not be posted.
  1. A contest can be hosted in conjunction with an interview or can be done without. Your choice. If you choose to do the contest alone, you must choose at least 3 different dates that work for you
  2. You are responsible for getting the prize(s) to the winners. 
  3. Winners will be chosen by a random drawing held by the Indie Author How-To
  4. State whether the contest is US only, US & Canada only, or International
  5. Must provide cover art of novel(s) that the contest is for
If interested, please email me at author (at) kishazworld (dot) com and put in the Subject line "Interviews/Contests".


My name is Lakisha Spletzer and in 2010, I joined the ranks of the indie author. I toyed with the idea of creating a blog that was devoted to the various aspects of indie writing and publishing, but I wanted to wait until I gained a little more experience and learned from others that were taking that same journey.
I was inspired by author Joe (JA) Konrath's blog, a "Newbie's Guide To Self-Publishing" and how his take on the indie publishing surge would/will/has an impact on the publishing industry. Another source of wisdom and inspiration came my friend and fellow Indie Author, Elissa Malcohn. I've met others along the way and each had unique stories to tell as well as varying advice.
So I decided, new year, new ideas and time to pay it forward. So I started this blog in an effort to give Indie authors 1) a place to get their works in front of people and 2) accumulate helpful knowledge, tips and advice for the unpublished, newly published, or already published Indie authors.
I’m looking for published indie authors who are willing to do a guest post or interview covering aspects of self-publishing. For instance:
  • Writing Process
  • Obtaining ISBNs
  • Creating a publishing company
  • Editing
  • Website & Blogging
  • Marketing [Blog Tours, Conferences/Conventions), Book trailers, etc.]
  • Social Media/Networking
  • Cover Art
  • Pricing
  • General experiences
  • And more
Post must be between 300 - 1500 words.

If you’re interested, please email me at author (at) kishazworld (dot) com and let me know the topic.

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  1. hello Kisha, thank you so much for chatting with me and hosting the tour stop for my debut novel.