Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Guest Blogger: Misty Wright (Part 2)

What is actually the Science of Romance?

No one can easily describe what Science of Romance is. There are so many things that the time can tell what it is. Nobody can really believe any more about good relationships, boy meets girl, after that, there’s love that can easily happened, courting to wedding and the couple lives together. They now don’t believe in happily ever after fairy tale relationship. Many tell the true science of romance is like undergo in a long process. It is when the young ones came up from empty minds to a very open-minded mind.
Then, from young to teenagers, this stage can now easily understand what romance is. Boys meet girls, until the heart beat for just only one-as they said but not. After all, dating is the next process which boy tells girl how he love him so much and as we experience, the girl like a fairy tale teenage life so that’s the time she accept the love that the boy prepare for him. Now, when the two become closer, love happens. But after that, because they are just only a very fresh new teenage mind, break-up is the next. One to another, until the boy become man and that’s the time that he enlightened what is the true science of romance is.
We fell love become this is what we designed for. To love one another and to fell how love needs us to motivate good relationship to others. We are not just we drink and eat every day to live in this world. But sometimes when we drink or eat in very famous restaurants, malls or even in bars, there’s something we forgot. There are so many people needs love and comfort to make their things happened possibly. It is not just dating, courting, engaging, wedding to live happy but we make sure we know the true science of romance. The true science of romance is not lusting expression to the one you love but how love works into your very heart. It expresses through how you give love in a fair way to achieve what people can really tell about you.
Many say that some people express their love by writing novels where they can write there what they want to say to the others or to their love ones. No one can give love artificially; it is love boost where you are. It is not the scientist who can dictate us what we are going to do, it’s just we are who develop love.
Novels about romance are one of the best examples that love exist to every heart who fells love. As I said, writing novels have different topics but the same love. Love is what the people can change from worst to best. Love secures all the problems we are facing no matter what you want to tell. Reading novels is one of the sciences of romance where it can help you by improving your very own personal outlook. You can also get an instant happy feeling when you start reading a romance novel in your own. You can start a romance novel in a bad mood, in the end; it helps you to feel a better day. This is how novels process the science of romance. Reading novels is either you like from the start but in the middle and in the end, you like it more.

Misty Wright, the author of this article, is a contemporary suspense romance author and the founder of Misty has a special surprise for you on January 3 & 4…



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