Thursday, June 5, 2014

GMTA Tours: Vampire World Blog tour

Finding your voice: Writing in third or first person:

Many readers have asked me why I write in the first person instead of the third person. My answer is simple. I believe writing in the first person allows the reader to relate to the character easier than the more distant third person. You can experience the characters thoughts, feeling and desires more clearly when the story is written in first person because you are closer to them. For example, in Vampire World, you really get a feel for what Janice is thinking when she first steps out of the grueling orphanage and discovers Vampire World for the first time, or when she kisses Brett and wins the Fireball tournament for the first time. The only negative to writing in first person is that you are locked into to that character. But if the character is interesting and relatable, it does not matter!

From ruling the school to Vampire nobody! Marissa, aka Janice loses everything when a one night make-out session turns into a nightmare. Turned into a Vampire, and tossed into an orphanage in their world she finds herself struggling to adjust and make something of her newfound life. Adventure abounds as she begins to figure out there's no one she can truly trust; and just who, or what is Tri-Fang? 

Who would have thought the truth could turn out to be so bloody?

Meet the Author

Rich Douglas is from New Orleans, Louisiana where he has lived the majority of his life. He loves reading, writing, storm-chasing, traveling and drinking orange soda while he writes young adult fiction, urban fantasy and science fiction.

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