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Favorite Movies of all Time

I'm a HUGE movie fan so this for me was such a pleasure to write. Thank you for having me on your blog and allowing me to show you what I enjoy most in a film.

1) Lost Horizons - I'm a sucker for old movies. The overdone music, the corny chat-up lines, the diva smoking a cigarette in the corner, I love them all! This movie is about escapism in its purest form. A plane of very dubious characters lands somewhere over the Himalayas and they're rescued by a group of people and taken to Shangri-La, a utopian civilisation far from anywhere. Soon the passengers begin to realise all is not what in seems in paradise. While the film was stored at one of the big Hollywood studios a fire affected a good many films. Some parts of this one have stills instead of actual footage. For me it all adds to the drama!

2) The House of Flying Daggers - This film ticks a few boxes for me. Not only is it shot in the most stunning locations but the costumes and colour used are beautiful. This one goes into the same category as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon although this film isn't so much about battling a group of bad guys but rescuing a blind girl. One of my favourite foreign actors Takeshi Kaneshiro stars and he's very easy on the eye!

3) Underworld - I'm not a huge fan of reading vampire stories but I did like the world built around Selene and the 3 Elders. The concept of werewolves and ultraviolet bullets is nothing new either but the acting and storyline are good. And Kate Beckinsale is just awesome!

4) Thor - I love Marvel films and this one held a particular interest because I also love Norse mythology. Okay, they don't delve too much into the myths but the basis is there. Plus any film with Anthony Hopkins and Rene Russo is bound to be good. And who could miss the hottie of the moment Chris Hemsworth being all butch and big in his flowing red cape!

5) Star Wars - This was the first film I ever saw at the cinema. Maybe its also one of the reason I prefer Sci-fi to any other genre. I still remember being enthralled by the evil Darth Vader and comical Han Solo. My ideal Sunday when I have nothing else to do is to watch Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi back to back.

6) Lord of the Rings - Big confession time! I saw the first film in the trilogy 11 times at the cinema. The centre was new and only 5 minutes from where I lived. So when I had free time I went to the movies. And saw the same film again and again. I read the books years ago but was intrigued how it would look on the big screen. I think its safe to say I hadn't seen a film quite as dramatic in its CGI and add the ensemble of superb casting, well, I was enthralled!

7) Equilibrium - This was a mind blowing film of discovery. Emotions and feelings are outlawed in the futuristic world and Christian Bale is a Cleric who maintains the status quo of a populace who have no access to films, books or any type of art. The premise is intriguing, but what held me gripped was the fighting skills used. I'm big on fighting and martial arts. The character played by Sean Bean (another of my fave actors) is fantastic.

8) Sunshine - I watched this when it first came out and then only last week. Our modern world has been turned to an ice planet because the sun is dying. A group of scientists fly a bomb the size of Manhattan Island towards the sun in the hope that it will reignite the dying star. The music for this film is stunning and the excellent cast lead by Cillian Murphy and Chris Evans show how a group of people can live in such close quarters for 7 years. A very possible answer to any future problems we may have.

9) Serenity - I'm a huge Joss Whedon fan and I was appalled when Firefly was cancelled. I think the fans revolted at this and so Serenity was born. Nathan Fillion was a great lead to the series and the film, and the great writers of old Buffy fame and a few new ones rewarded us with humerous, witty and catchy dialogue. Was I the only one who started saying "Shiny" to everything? Serenity answered all the questions mainly who the hell was River Tam and what had she been trained for? Again I'm big on fighting and sword use so the ending is one I could watch again and again.

10) A Knight's Tale - A great story where the underdog cheats and eventually claims glory and the girl. The script for this was cracking. The scenes, an unusual mix of modern and medieval. And the evil bad guy played by Rufus Sewell. What kept me glued was the camaraderie of Heath Ledger, Mark Addy and Alan Tudyk. The three hold the film together and I personally think this was one of Heath's best films.

Thank you again for allowing me to share my favourite films. Please reward this blog by leaving your comments.
Until next time xx

Kind regards
Alex May

About the Book

Dark FutureThe Battle for Arcanon Major “As daughter of our ruler I grew up in the crossfire of an ongoing war... All I’d ever wanted to be was a great warrior and ultimately lead my people into victorious battles." With only a small army at her command Halíka Dacomé, a skilled warrior and daughter of the Elemental King, is ready to lead one final battle to save her planet. A battle against the savage, bloodthirsty Primords who want to extinguish the diminished race of Elementals once and for all. But before battle commences her father is given an ultimatum from the enemy leader, Arfron Uhnok. If the king agrees, Halíka Dacomé must marry Arfron Uhnok to prevent further bloodshed. If the king disagrees they, as a race, will all perish. Horrified by her fathers decision Halíka Dacomé leads her army onward regardless of the consequences. Because her heart belongs to another. A love that blossomed many years ago. A love that her father has forbidden. Halíka faces her toughest battle yet and learns that not all battles are those fought with a sword... The Battle for Arcanon Major is an epic love story set against the backdrop of war and is the first Prequel to Elemental: The First.

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Praise: "Excellent story. Plot line is great, definitely 2 thumbs up. Couldn't put it down, easy read, excellent prequel to the elemental. Would definitely recommend Alexandra May!!"

"Amazing story had my attention the entire story it is hard to find a book like this, I definitely give it 5 stars."

"Excellent short story. Plot line is great, definitely 2 thumbs up. Couldn't put it down, an easy read. Would definitely recommend Alexandra May!!"

   alexandraAlexandra May Alexandra May is an English author of three books, bringing together the epic saga of Halíka Dacomé and her modern day equivalent, Rose Frost. Elemental: The First, Elemental: Origin and The Battle for Arcanon Major draw in Alexandra's love of strong women characters, sci-fi, history, romance and a little warmongering on the side!  
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