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Blog Tour: The Silver Sphere

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Tell us your latest news? I just had a great book launch party at Rock & Reilly’s on the Sunset Strip here in Los Angeles. It was a really good turn out and we had a blast.

When and why did you begin writing? I grew up in an urban area and read a lot when I was really young. Then I started writing short stories and it found it to be fun; creating my own worlds. The first short was called Wolver-Mutants, about wolverines exposed to radiation and become super beasts. The second was The Silver Sphere.

When did you first consider yourself a writer? Well, when I was signed to Evolved Publishing, it just made it all seem more official to me.

How can we find you? Website, Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc. - please share your public links.

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  • Twitter: @michaeldadich

And now on to some random fun questions.

Are you a full-time writer or part-time, and how do you organize your writing time? I am a senior executive, and a volunteer youth coach for my son’s teams (he loves sports). So it’s always a challenge, and can be difficult to write after a day of work and coaching. I sacrifice vacation time to create long blocks of writing. In the summer its easier for me to find time as I take a break from coaching and can  some time off to write.

When did you first know you wanted to be a writer? My college professor told me he though I had what it takes, and since then I always thought about it.

Which genres do you write, which do you prefer, and why? I love fantasy, seeing and creating a different world through the eyes of my characters. I like spooky too, so may tackle a ghost story or something eventually.

What is the toughest part about being a writer and how do you get past it? When I get in a zone, my son always wants me to play catch and things, or just family stuff around the house. I find it hard to say no to him lol. I try to let him know Daddy is working but can do 10 minutes.

Is there anything in your story based upon a real life event?  If so, tell me about it.  Yes. There is a character, Nick Casey, I based a scene on through an experience I had. I suffered a brain aneurysm playing hockey some years back, and had a dream sequence post surgery that I used during his introduction. I blogged about it, you can read it at my website.

In Zach’s introduction, I pulled a fire alarm once to scare off some bullies who were picking on a friend when I was a kid.

What kind of research did you do for this type of story? I read a lot of medieval literature, focusing on armory. I studied an astrology textbook to learn the southern hemisphere more.

What inspired you to write your first book?
I just enjoy reading and writing, from an early age, and one day a friend that I respect read a rough draft and really encouraged me. In college, my professor felt I had the talent to become an author and his words always gnawed at me.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?  You are needed. Somewhere, someone or place needs you. Go find it, if it doesn’t come to you, but check your messages ;)

What books have most influenced your life most? I have said this many times, but C.S Lewis had a huge impact on me when I was very young, 7 or so. Not just Narnia but all his books. I read King’s The Stand and Salem’s Lot at an early age (my folks didn’t know). Peter Straubs Shadowland I read when I was 11 and loved it. I think the books you read at a young age have the biggest impact on you if you become a writer.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor? C.S Lewis, because he instilled the love of reading in me at such a young age. I have read almost all of Stephen King’s books so obviously he rubbed off on me.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest? China  Miéville I started reading over the last few years, he is different, hip and edgy. I have discovered a few authors on my publisher, like Angela Scott, Lane Diamond and Emlyn Chand who are really impressive.

What are your current projects? I am writing the sequel, The Sinister Kin, right now, and finished a short story, that is actually a prequel, that will be released in an anthology from my publisher.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book? Yep. I did in the screenplay, so you will have to wait for that answer ;)

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated? It all comes from reading first, then playing as a child and creating worlds through imagination, and wanting to put them on paper.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing? I don’t like to be hampered by one POV, though it’s a delicate line as you need the reader to be engaged by your characters.

Any tips for new writers hoping to write in the genre of your book? Write. Rewrite. Get feedback. Rewrite. Be patient. Listen to your beta readers, if something comes up more than once, address it. Rewrite. Have more than one full edit before you show it to the world.

The Silver Sphere

Shelby Pardow never imagined killing someone. That's about to change.

While hiding from her troubled father in the local library, Shelby stares at a flashing instant message on her computer: YOU ARE NEEDED. She discovers a portal that opens and teleports her to the planet Azimuth, where soldiers await. Here, she is not a child but a warrior, Kin to one of the six Aulic Assembly members imprisoned by Malefic Cacoethes, the daunting leader of the Nightlanders.

Malefic, the evil spawn of the demon Biskara, razes towns and cities in his quest to rule Azimuth, and yearns to turn his forces against Earth. Yet every time Biskara gets close to achieving his malevolent goals, the Assembly uses the Silver Sphere, a sophisticated armillary device, to thwart him.

With the Assembly deposed, Biskara directing Malefic's conquests, and the Silver Sphere out of reach, Shelby is thrust into an unforgettable quest with her fellow Kin. She must learn to kill and lead an army into battle, or Azimuth—and Earth—will fall.


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