Sunday, June 24, 2012

Soul Sisters Blog Tour - Guest Post

  Let's welcome author, Janiera Eldridge, to the Indie Author How-to Blog. Janiera, we wish you much success on your tour and with your novel. I'm going to step back and give the floor to you.

The Great and Not-So-Great Things 
About Being a New Author
I’ve been so happy lately with my decision to be a self-published author. I have total control over my book and I receive a lot more of the profit than authors who are traditionally published. My urban fantasy novel Soul Sisters is my first novel. Being a new author comes with some great perks and some things that cause a bit of a challenge.
Pros of being a new author:
  • Starting from scratch: Being able to start with a clean review record is awesome. People are just experiencing your work for the first time so there is no negative buzz surrounding you.
  • People love discovering new authors: From my first hand experience readers love discovering new and talented authors. The support for my first book has been overwhelming and I need all the help I can get.
  • Your discovery: I love discovering new blogs to work with and talking to new fans. Some authors say they hate marketing, not me! I love finding and participating in new ways to market my book. A lot of the marketing techniques I’ve learned through marketing Soul Sisters will help me with all of the other books I tend to release. There is nothing like fresh learning!
Cons of being a new author:
  • Not having a built fan base: While discovering a new author is great, most authors will tell you having a built fan base is extremely valuable! A lot of authors start to build their fan base after their book is released. Big Mistake. Start building fan base as soon as you start writing your book. You will find that by the time your book is released, you will have a decent fan base to start with.
  • Readers not having faith in your work: Because this is your first book, readers have not had time to build up an opinion about your writing. Make sure your first book is at its absolute best when you release it because your first book will be so important to your image! It also will determine what readers will return to read your future work.
  • Marketing: A lot of authors view marketing as a negative thing and it can be difficult if the author waits until the last minute to market their book. However, marketing is essential to being an author so; learn to have fun with it. Let your personality show by doing interviews and guests post but above all get started marketing your book early.
Being a new author can be hard but, it also can be extremely fun when you once you learn how to put a little professionalism behind it.
About the author:
 Janiera enjoys writing entertainment news for  and  feeding her  book addiction when she not writing. She is also a book blogger at Beauty and Books where she mixes being a book nerd with keeping things chic. Soul Sisters is her debut novel.

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