Sunday, January 22, 2012

99 cents Indie Hoopla! - Day #8

Welcome readers to our first Indie Hoopla event. For eight days, Jan 15 - 22, you'll get introduced to authors every single day who are sharing their worlds and stories for only 99 cents!

Not only will you get awesome reads, but, for each book you purchase, you will be entered for a chance to win a $25.00 Amazon gift card or $10.00 gift card from the Book Depository (international readers).

All you have to do is forward a copy of the receipt(s) for the books purchased to indiehoopla (at) yahoo (dot) com. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, January 24. A master list of all participating authors can be found HERE. Now, let's get this party started!

Click on the Author's name to visit their website and see the full list of novels
that are on sale for the Indie Hoopla.

Let's welcome today's authors!


When witches and wers in Dallas begin dying mysteriously, a magical detective is called in to find the high magician that is responsible. E.S. Peters and his werewolf partner Dusty must dive into the shadowy magical world to stop the magician that is calling up demons to kill witches and wers in Dallas. Their quest takes them from the bars of Deep Ellum to the canals of Las Colinas and beyond to solve the mystery of "Perfect Love"



A gung ho PR person in charge of getting a reclusive country western singer to perform live at a small function is responsible for him possibly losing his ranch for children. Tyler Davidson would rather deal with a large concert hall audience than come face to face with a few people. Such thoughts are beyond Abie Halloway’s thinking, but as she learns to understand what the ranch means to Tyler and comes to care for him in this sweet romance / inspirational, she realizes she does not want to be the one to cause his downfall.


West CBI agent, Verity Sanchez, is tracking a killer who leaves no clues and invades her dreams. On edge and nearing a mental breakdown, she gets help from an unexpected source.

East CBI agent, Arik Salem, has come out west to solve the unsolvable. He doesn't count on landing in the middle of a murder investigation nor being captivated by the talented agent assigned to assist him. He can't let her get close or risk his secret destroying the trust they've built.

As the body count and dreams increase, Verity must find a way to end both, or be consumed by the twisted desires of a killer.

Book 1 in The Enhanced Chronicles



A paramedic who can talk to dead people to solve their murders will lose her power on her rapidly approaching 30th birthday. She has one more murder to solve before that can happen.


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