Thursday, January 6, 2011

Now Taking Requests

I am now taking requests for guest bloggers, interviews & contests, writing vlogs, and book trailers for Indie Authors. You might be an Indie Author if

  • You self-published a book via Lulu, Createspace, etc.
  • You self-published an ebook via Smashwords, PubIt, or Amazon's Kindle program, or have it up on your website for download/purchase.
  • You self-published an audiobook via Createspace, Lulu, etc.
  • You can still be considered an Indie Author even if you have a traditionally published book and/or have a book through an e-publisher such as Silver Publishing, Samhain Publishing, LLC, etc, as long as you fit into one of the above mentioned categories as well.
If you are uncertain, contact me author (at) kishazworld (dot) com and put in the Subject line "Book Me".